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The Fibre Arts Festival and Sale 2020 has been cancelled for this Saturday March 14, 2020. Due to the ever-mounting concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the City of Peterborough, who owns the Wellness Centre, has cancelled the Fibre Fest event. Please check back here in the future for information on a possible re-scheduled date.


Stitching Children’s Art

Carol Rand – Stitching Children’s Art

Big smiles, happy grins,
Blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes,
Curly hair, no hair, wisps of hair, wild hair,
Round faces, pointy heads, long necks, no necks

And so much more…

That’s what you get when a young child picks up pen, pencil, or paintbrush and puts it to paper.

Spontaneous, delightful and charming, bright colours and simple lines, the work of young children inspires my stitching. Before applying the design to 100% cotton or raw silk, I often alter the size or sometimes “edit” the piece. Simple, outline and filling stitches are most often used. Occasionally a touch of paint is required. Whatever the technique or medium, my work always remains true to the work of the child.

Christina – Original Art Work

Christina – Embroidered

Makeda Original and Embroidered

Emma Original and Embroidered

 Lisa and Tyler

 Sarah and Natasha

Follow The Leader

Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Christmas Eve

Snow Couple

Crossing the Trent

Rachel’s Garden

Family Camping

Full Steam Ahead: Titanic Story


Aiden’s Penguins, Aiden’s Blue Jay,  and Brody’s Chickadee

Dancing Girl