On Display

The Fibre Arts Festival and Sale 2019 was held on Saturday March 16, 2019 at Fleming Sport & Wellness Centre, 775 Brealey Drive in Peterborough.  Looking forward to their 10th Anniversary in 2020.

Creating A Personalized, Embroidered

Susan Cuss – Creating A Personalized, Embroidered Wedding Gift

“In 2014, my brother-in-law was getting married, and my husband and I wanted to create something unique for a wedding gift.  Since I love to embroider, and my husband enjoys woodworking, we decided to collaborate on a very special and personal piece.”

This is the beginning of a very informative article on the process of creating a very special wedding gift.  Please click on this link to read how Suz completed this most wonderful project:  Creating a Personalized, Embroidered, Wedding Gift.  Her hard work resulted in the most beautiful gift.