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The Fibre Arts Festival and Sale - Peterborough has been cancelled two years in a row due to the ever-mounting concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, this event is tentatively scheduled for May 2022. Please keep checking back here for further details. Thank you.


Embroidered Boxes Workshop

Embroidered Boxes “Workshop”

Norah’s Instructions –  Hand Make a Fabric and Embroidery Embellished Boxes




Parts of this box were shown as the demonstration pieces in Norah’s instructions.

Norah has now completed the 4″ x 4″ box using a combination of several different techniques but mainly coloured black work.

Library Books for Constructed Boxes:

The following books are available in the EGP Library and Mary Anne would be very happy to make arrangements for anyone who would like to have the loan of them.  Mary Anne can drop them off or arrange for that new phenomenon, “curbside pickup”!    The actual construction of the box comes well after the planning and embellishment of the design, so there is plenty of time to think more about the decoration rather than how it goes together.   All four books have something to offer:

Janet Edmonds:   Some ideas for reproducing a box with a Medievel flavour – some different shapes, pyramids, chests.   Not the shape we will be working on but some nice ideas using gold threads, beads, braids, etc.

Jackie Woolsey:   Basic information presented in easy stages.   Simple explanations and ideas for variations in size and shape e.g. triangles, hexagons, etc.

Meg Evans:  She presents a range of shapes and sizes and some intricate and detailed interiors such as sewing boxes with divisions, lift-out trays etc.   Inspiration for a variety of techniques – patchwork, needlepoint and different inserts.

Jane Lemon:  One of our earlier books; very comprehensive and details many different shapes.

Links to Other Box Construction Information:

Samples of Boxes

Norah's First Constructed Box
Norah's First Constructed Box - Inside
Norah's Constructed Box Made for Her Mom
Inside of Norah's Constructed Box Made for Mom
Norah's Seminar Challenge Box
Norah's Seminar Challenge Box - Inside
Norah's Small Constructed Box
Norah's Small Constructed Box - Surprise Inside
Norah's Triangle Constructed Box
Norah's Triangle Constructed Box - Inside
Mary Anne's Various Constructed Boxes
Mary Anne's Constructed Box
Mary Anne's Constructed Box
Mary Anne's Constructed Box
Wenda's Constructed Box
Inside of Wenda's Constructed Box Showing Inside Frame and How It Fits
Carol's Constructed Box for Lowell
Inside of Carol's Constructed Box for Lowell
Carol's Triangle Constructed Box
Linda's "Wonky" Constructed Box
Deb's "Geo Mentis" Designed Sewing Box. Wet felting technique top with surface stitch embellishment to define the tulips
Deb's "Geo Mentis" Sewing Box - Finished Interior
Linda's Glistening Webs Box
Linda's Glistening Webs Box
Linda - This box is made with silk fabric. Each side has a different motif. I used silk paper, vintage and modern buttons, beads and silk threads.
Linda - This is my sewing box made in 2000. It is covered with cotton fabric, beads and Metalink threads.