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The Fibre Arts Festival and Sale 2024 - Peterborough will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre.  Please visit  Fibre Fest and Sale 2024 for more information on this upcoming event.  We were at the Peterborough Square on May 13, 2023. Please see here for more information on this successful event: Fibre Arts Festival and Sale 2023

Open Work Embroidery

Pulled thread and drawn thread techniques fall under the category of Open Work.  Open Work is defined as any work that is constructed specifically to show off the holes in the work.  It is the open spaces that create the designs for pulled and drawn thread embroidery even though they are accomplished in completely different methods.

Drawn thread is believed to be one of the oldest types of embroidery.  There is conflicting information about the original;  however, no matter the origin, many cultures have created beautiful work through the centuries.  The basic techique of drawn thread is to carefully cut and withdraw certain fabric.  Some designs cut only the vertical threads (warp) while other designs only cut the horizontal threads (weft).  And then there are others that cut both warp and weft.

Pulled thread involves no cutting.  The effect is done by applying tension to the stitching thread and pulling the thread tight.  The more tension applied, the wider the open area becomes.  What makes pulled thread unique from other needlework is that the stitches you make are not meant to be seen.  This means that the thread used often matches the fabric.

Pulled and drawn thread techniques can make beautiful designs on their own, but can be combined to make a unique piece.

 Wenda- Pulled Thread

Deb – Pulled Thread

Annabelle – Drawn and Pulled Thread

Annabelle – Drawn and Pulled Thread