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Susan Bradley – Bella the Travelling Rabbit

From little bunnies – made by Deb, came big bunnies – made by Carol.  Susan, fell in love with the big bunnies and was inspired to make one for her soon-to-be Great Granddaughter.  A conversation with Carol, of course, turned into an opportunity for Susan to learn how to make a big bunny.  Carol’s instruction and Susan’s willingness to learn new things turned into a very sweet finished project. Who doesn’t love bunnies?  Good job Susan!

Bella 3
Bella 4

Hello “My Name is Bella the Travelling Rabbit”


I come with my own suitcase of love 💗 from G.G.

G.G. Created me with lots of tender care

I’m a very special Rabbit you know!!!!

I’m a Reading Rabbit

Yep ……that’s right

Snuggle up with Mommy and Daddy


You can even snuggle up with your Grandmas and Grandpas

…..Oh yes!….

We can’t forget our Aunts, Uncles and Cousins too!!

….Oh….don’t forget the GGs!!!!

From Day 1 you’re adventures begin


You can take me wherever you go…..

Let your dreams, your learning, and your laughter begin…

Treasure me because I am your little bunny


Lots of  love from GG