On Display

The Fibre Arts Festival and Sale - Peterborough  was back in 2022 and was held on May 14, 2022 at Peterborough Square. Please see what our display looked like here: Fibre Arts Festival and Sale 2022

in-Public Day 2017

National Stitch-in-Public Day 2017

Stitch-In-Public Day, sponsored by the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada, is observed on or around September 27 of each year.  The purpose of this event is to take our stitching to a public place and share information about our Guild with anyone who asks what we are doing.

This year, our Guild observed this day on September 13, 2017. Eight of us set up at Silver Bean and actually stayed there all morning.  A family stopped by and asked us some questions.  We took the opportunity to share our business cards with a couple of people which may result in an interest in our Guild.

It was a beautiful day once again and we enjoyed the company of our fellow guild members.