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The Fibre Arts Festival and Sale - Peterborough was at the Peterborough Square on May 13, 2023. Please see here for more information on this successful event: Fibre Arts Festival and Sale 2023

Christmas Luncheon 2021

Since 2015 our members have enjoyed our Annual Christmas Luncheon at Kelsey’s Restaurant.  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we didn’t meet for Christmas 2020 and this was not possible again this year.  Zoom has become a very popular way for various groups to meet and we have been holding our General Meetings in this way. So, instead of foregoing our annual Christmas event, we met via Zoom.  Definitely not the same as meeting in person, but fingers crossed we can meet in person for Christmas 2022. 

Kermit Zoom

Well it looks like that member who has given each member a Christmas Card with a little chocolate treat for the past years, isn’t able to do this again this year.   Maybe next year, the members will get three treats?

The Non-Exchange Christmas Ornament Exchange

Carol's Ornaments
Cynthia - Here is my Christmas ornament. I included all three as I felt it was a set. They are 3”x5”. They may be best on a BIG gift! or as tree ornaments,
Deb - Here is my 2021 ornament…Sparkly Owl He’s a bling-ed up snow owl with candy wrapper wings
Reverse Side of Deb's Sparkly Owl
Deb - Sparkly Owls for the Grandchildren
Deb - Grandchildren's names on the back.
Deb - I also made a few Quilty Trees.
Deb- Stitched seasonal sentiments.
Jan - An ornament she made for herself for a change.
Janine - Here is my Christmas decoration for 2021. Not actually a tree ornament as it is 13” square. It is a kit that I wanted to do for myself and I’m happy it is finished and will hang it in my sunroom.
Linda - This is my ornament for this year. Made of green felt and old sequins, beads and other found objects.
Maggie -This is the first of 3 wise men kits that I purchased a number of years ago. The others will be done in time for Christmas of 2022 (I hope).
Marilyn B's Christmas Decoration
Myrna - My Christmas ornaments consist of three wool felt heart shaped decorations, embellished with holly, stars and initials.

Norah – These are a few of the ornaments I have made for friends and myself this year (see below).

Seanagh - I started with the front which is tissue paper bonded into linen (actually glued on so the paper wrinkled and then coloured when dry with paint sticks. Decoration is gold paint, beads, sequins and perle cotton.
Seanagh - Back of ornament - I don’t work a lot in felt, so my resources were limited. Found some cerise and sort of liked the contrast but when l put it on it looked like a really bad choice so I just decorated it up with beads and sequins for fun!

Suz – I’ve been working on my Christmas Stars for my grandchildren as I have to mail them a month early so hopefully they’ll arrive before Christmas. I’ve included two photos of them (below). They’re made with four layers of cheesecloth and inclusions like foil bits and wee pieces of thread, then free motioned machined to create a lacy effect. I added some metallic thread around the inside of the star, tipped each arm with an AB bicone Swarovski crystal and added a dangle with more crystals, silvery seed beads and a larger element. Three rows of buttonhole lace edge the star and I tatted a hanger. I hope to make one for my own tree, too.

Suzanne -Tree Ornament
Tina - Christmas Mouse
Wenda - These are for my 4 grandchildren knit in their favourite colours, Hayden’s being the lefty. I filled them with Christmas candy and the markings on the sides are MMXXI, or 2021, my only bit of stitching!