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The Fibre Arts Festival and Sale - Peterborough was at the Peterborough Square on May 13, 2023. Please see here for more information on this successful event: Fibre Arts Festival and Sale 2023

Colour on Cloth Playday – November 2022

As part of our Programme, and instead of a Fall Workshop, Fiona hosted a Colour on Cloth Playday on November 19, 2022. 

This Playday gave participants an opportunity to learn about and explore several different ways of putting colour on cloth to create backgrounds for embroidery, which may be useful for the house and garden projects. 

Fiona provided a handout – Colour on Cloth Playday – for all members to have as a reference.

The morning was used for demonstrations on four different techniques, and in the afternoon participants could spend their time on whichever technique(s) they choose. 

The four techniques were set up at stations in Fiona’s  home.

Colouring on Cloth – using fabric pencils with a focus on Inktense products, as well as other fabric pencils. 

Colouring on Cloth
Work Drying from the Colouring

Digital Printing with Inkjet Printer – participants could bring a digital file of a photo that could be sent to the printer via wifi (or by email to Fiona) or a hard copy which could be photocopied directly on to fabric. Silk organza and cotton print sheets were available, or participants could bring their own cloth and  freezer paper was provided to set it up for printing. The printer could handle sizes up to 11” x 17” (ledger size). 

Digital Printing with Inkjet Printer

Painting on Cloth – using specialized fabric paints, with a focus on the use of opaque and transparent Setacolour paints, as well as other kinds of paint. 

Painting on Cloth
Work Drying from the Painting

Gel Plate Prints – creating prints on fabrics. 

Gel Plate Prints
Work Drying from the Gelliplate
Food Station - A wonderful selection contributed by the participants.