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Interpreting a Theme – Postcards

As part of a series of exercises exploring the theme of ‘design’ the Guild set a challenge to interpret a photograph in stitch.  Each participant had an opportunity to submit a photo, of anything that struck their fancy.  The rules for interpretation were simple:  Any technique could be used;  the finished work had to be postcard-sized (6” x 4”, 7” x 5”);  and the back had to include the name and address of the recipient (this was an exchange, so we knew who we’d be sending to, and who we’d be getting one from).  The exercise was not to replicate the photo per se, but to choose something about it that resonated with you and stitch that! 

How do you think you’d have interpreted your postcard?

Zebra - Original Photograph
Deb's Zebra - Colour blocked fabric applique oversewn with free-motion machine stitching and hand-worked straight stitch.
Wenda's Zebra
Wenda's Zebra - Back of Postcard
Linda's Zebra - Head is in the shape of Africa. (left ear however is in the Red Sea). Used split and straight stitches and mounted on faux fur.
Carousel - Original Photograph
Linda'a Merry Go Round - Surface stitches on satin and felt. Trapunto used to highlight horse.
Wenda's Carousel
Wenda's Carousel
Deb's Merry Go Round - Surface stitched in silk threads of different weights. Background ‘Kantha quilted’ – back stitch in lines that echo the outlines of the work.
Deb's Merry Go Round - Back of Postcard - Includes a hand-drawn franking mark, stamp and date the piece was finished
Eiffel Tower - Original Photograph
Wenda's Eiffel Tower
Linda's Eiffel Tower - I started with pink satin and ended with black net and some pearlized stars. For the girders, I used two different colours of floss, one being the brown colour that they really are and the other being black so that the design would show up more clearly. The frilly edging is just there to add intrigue and to lend itself to the lingerie look.
Deb's Eiffel Tower - Close-up of the gridwork on the tower, in two stitches: back stitch & seed stitch.
Frozen Leaves - Original Photograph
Mary Anne's Frozen Leaves - Silk Shantung with various surface embroidered textured threads.
Linda's Frozen Leaves - Leaf is silk paper. Used plenty of icy looking beads
Deb's Frozen Leaves - "Encased in Ice": Ground ‘fabric’ made with candy wrappers, overstitched and outlined in free-motion machine stitching.
Wenda's Frozen Leaves
Floral Arrangement - Original Photograph
Wenda's Floral Arrangement
Mary Anne's Floral Arrangement - Flower Pounding and Watercolour Pencils with variegated machine stitching and French Knots.
Seanagh's Floral Arrangement - Organza, satin and dupioni with machine embroidery.
Linda's Floral Arrangement - Worked on even weave fabric using blackwork technique.
Deb's Floral Arrangement - This is in the Sue Dove style, with a bit of artistic licence thrown. Everything done in full strands of DMC on double needlepoint canvas.
Fungus - Original Photograph
Fungus - Original Photograph
Seanagh's Fungus - Background is Dyed Linen Enhanced with Paint with an Organza Fungus. Button Hole, Chain, Straight Stitches and French Knots
Wenda - Fungus
Wenda - Fungus
Deb's Fungus - Couching technique using random weights of threads, yarns, wool, braid and beaded embellishment.
Linda's Fungus- Machine stitched using many fabrics.
Poinsettia - Original Photograph
Mary Anne's Poinsettia - Green Silk, Red Silk and Tulle. Metallic Thread Stitchery with French Knots on foil centre.
Wenda's Poinsettia
Linda's Poinsettia - Worked on even weave fabric using blackwork technique.
Deb's Scottish Poinsettia-The strong colours in the photograph were used in a loose interpretation of the subject, using darning techniques in different weights of threads and yarns.
Saskatchewan Sunset - Original Photograph
Linda's Prairies - Prairie. Painted scene on cotton. Straight, running, stem and fly stitches used.
Wenda's Saskatchewan Sunset
Deb's Saskatchewan Sun - Candy wrapper ‘fabric’ overstitched with free-motion machine stitching.
Saskatchewan Sun
Sunset Over Water - Original Photograph
Linda's Sunset Over Water - Used even weave fabric for top half and organza for trees and water.
Seanagh's Sunset Over Water - Layering Techniques with Separate Tree Line
Wenda's Sunset Over Water
Deb's Sunset at the Lake - Hand-dyed fabric overlaid with organza strips & dyed cheesecloth. The horizon is achieved with a row of vertical straight stitch using overdyed silk threads.
Spring Thaw - Original
Wenda's Spring Thaw
Deb's Spring Thaw- Ground fabric is organza, with shredded organza applique held by random straight stitch, and branches in couching technique. Water droplets are quartz crystal beads.
Linda's Spring Thaw - Technique is casalguidi and detached chain.
Linda's Autumn - Made using silk and tulle. The main Maple leaf is filled with french knots. The Web stitch created the smaller maple leaf look in four different colours. Tulle was used to indicate tree canopy.
Mary Anne's Autumn
Deb's Autumn
Self Portrait - Original Inspiration
Seanagh's Self Portrait - Mixed method/mixed media with paint, pencil crayons and both machine and hand stitching.
Deb's Self Portrait - The technique was worked in full strands of DMC floss, in the style of Sue Dove, an English artist/weaver/embroiderer who has a painterly style to her work with big slashes of colour. It’s worked on double needlepoint canvas.
Mary Anne's Self Portrait - I printed an old black & white picture of my 21 yr-old self on to slubbed silk, helped the colouring along with some watercolour pencils to tint up some of the blonde bits which are now grey, a bit or surface stitching and a pearl for the ear-rings that were a gift on my 21st birthday.
Linda's Self Portrait - Stitches used are split and stem on silk background.
Norah's Bull Rushes - Interpretation from an Original Postcard
Norah's Beach Postcard
Norah's Paper Pieced and Embellished Rose Postcard