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The Fibre Arts Festival and Sale - Peterborough was at the Peterborough Square on May 13, 2023. Please see here for more information on this successful event: Fibre Arts Festival and Sale 2023

Experimental Organza Practice Piece – Susan Cuss

Experimenting, I created this practice piece for a project I’m planning, while playing with organza, free machine embroidery, a soldering iron, and solvy. I used this video for inspiration:
I added fire-polished crystal beads and some embroidery, then hung it up in the art-room window. I added two large crystals to the bottom as a temporary measure, to test if it needed weight to help it hang properly.
Later, I removed the two large crystals and added a crystal angel to the bottom center to add weight. It rotates and moves in the slightest breeze. The colours show up better on my white desk, or when I closed the blind, but the sunlight makes it sparkle so much that I can’t get a decent photo when the sun shines through the window, so the photos I’ve included here were done when the window was in shade.
This was a fun test project!