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The Fibre Arts Festival and Sale - Peterborough was at the Peterborough Square on May 13, 2023. Please see here for more information on this successful event: Fibre Arts Festival and Sale 2023

Pandemic Christmas Ornaments

Many of our members make Christmas Ornaments for their loved ones and we don’t get to see them at our show and tells as they have to be wrapped and sent or given to their children, grandchildren or friends.  Please check out all the beauties below.

Wenda - This year’s Christmas tree ornaments for my 4 grandchildren...all in their favourite colours
Jan's Ornaments
Jan's Ornaments
Suz - I made these (2 of 6) for family, to put in their Christmas Cards.
Suz - And these are ones I made for myself.

Carol’s Ornaments for the Jamaican Self Help Charity Sale.

Myrna - Each year I attempt to make my granddaughters a tree ornament, this year the theme was COVID-19 gingerbread men.
Quite a year - 2020.
Quite a year - 2020.
Cynthia - Christmas wooly decoration made from a pattern by Rusty Crow Quilt Shop.
Deb - A favourite. It’s made from Norah’s workshop instructions…a Styrofoam ball covered in silk panels alternating with silk French knots and antique buttons from great Gran’s button box…circa 1930ish…I made four in all for my kids…
Seanagh - I’ve had a lovely week playing with beads and shiny stuff .. made these little ornaments for my 4 grandchildren. They are about 2” on each side - very fiddly to make but big enough to hold 2-3 Hershey kisses (or some gummy bears, or ...?)
Deb's Fireman Bunny and Sugar Plum Fairy Bunny - Ornament Exchange
Nora - These are just some of my hand made ornaments all but the middle “J” were made by friends from Whitby guild.
Norah - This little Angel I have made many times for others but never made-me one - so this is mine.

Norah – These six sleighs are my cancer sleighs because I worked on them when I was having chemo treatments.

Nora – These are ones I made this year.  There are four but one is for the “Christmas Exchange” presentation.

Myrna - I made this little tree a few years ago from wool felt.
Myrna - Other side of tree. My granddaughter has dibs on this tree.
Mary Anne - I resurrected this from the depths of my kist, found a head and a halo and voila! Not confident enough to paint in her face..but she will forever be known as Pandora, or Pandemia or maybe Covidia (the feminine form of Covidus). Stiff linen embroidered with lazy daisy and French knits.
Anne's COVID Gingerbread Man