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Member Name Badges

I think the journey began about three years ago when the Embroiderers’ Guild of Peterborough Executive decided that it was time that we had name tags that had some things in common (example: colour of embroidered  names and colour of linen).  
I was asked to use my embroidery machine to embroider the name of the members on linen  fabric that our President Deb said she would provide.  I made a few samples with different  fonts and  coloured  threads  that I had got while attending an EAC Seminar.  It was decided that the dark gray name looked the best on the linen that was provided .  I spent that summer embroidering the names on a 5.5 inch by 9 inch piece of linen because that was the size needed to fit into the smallest hoop I had for my machine and I only had to redo one name.  When this was done they were given to the members of the guild  to embellish with there own style of embroidery and then make into their name tag.  The result were just incredible.  There are some very gifted stitchers in the guild.
Below are some of the results.  I enjoy looking at the name tags when ever we are together for a meeting or out in public as a group.  They remind me of how talented this group of ladies are.
Norah Jackson

I did a very simple Stump work piece.  I made the red berries by covering pony beads with a variegated thread,  used French knot for the white flowers with green leaf stitch,  Colonial Knots for the red strawberry in the same red variegated, added a few red Mill Hill beads and leaves, and then used Mill Hill beads for the blue berries and the leaves.  It still needed something so I added a spider web with silver metallic thread and used a black bead and black thread for the legs of the spider and then I added the Ladybug on the N of my name. After that was all done I laced it around an oval piece of card stock added the backing and placed a cord around the join of the two, sewed on a pin and there you have it – a Name tag. Very easily done .



I really don’t know what technique this is.  It took me a long time to decide what to do with my name badge.  Finally, one day, I was standing at my kitchen window and I saw a bird fly by the birch trees we have in our yard.  So, I took a photo of the birch and made a rough sketch of the middle part of the tree.  Then, I found some heavy duty thread and started stitching.  When I completed the tree, it didn’t look quite right so I added a bird.  I’m pretending it’s a swallow from the barn.

My name tag is stitched in Raised Embroidery and I added a tatted edge. Here’s a funny and true story to explain why my tag is Sus instead of my nickname Suz. When Norah was embroidering the names for the tags, she told me that her machine program Z looked more like an X. Since I decided I didn’t want to walk around with a tag that read Sux, we decided to use an S instead. lol




The technique is Encrusted Calico.  This technique was introduced to us by Suz Cuss (Pebble Adventure, Encrusted).  I have enjoyed this so much I have used it in 3 different pieces.




The technique I used for my badge was surface embroidery.  The inspiration was the embellishment I used on my Needle Case (a workshop Needle Case With Enclosed Scissors Pocket that was led by Carol Rand).


My name is machine embroidered on linen fabric.  Recently I had purchased a stash of linen threads and decided to do surface floral embroidery.  Stitches used – stem, lazy daisy, buttonhole, straight, feather and finished off with a few beads.

I hemmed and hawed deciding what type of design to use for my name tag.  I wanted the design to wrap around the letters of my name.  In the end, I settled on evergreen branches using a variety of green threads.  I wanted them ‘grounded’ so there is a hint of the tree trunk on the right.

Much easier was choosing the system to attach the name tag, a hardware washer buried inside the badge, with a rare earth magnet that I can slip inside my shirt or sweater.  It holds well and will be very flexible to wear.  




My badge was made using Surface Embroidery.  I used French Knots and Spider Webs. My birthday is in February, so therefore the heart.



I love butterflies which I appliqued on to the badge using a blanket stitch.  I used stem stitch for the vines, and bullion knots and french knots for the flowers.




I used my grandmother’s crocheted coaster. My embellishment is a birthstone pendant I have had since I was four years old. Cross stitch and beads completed the look.


Forget me Nots lined the bed of a shallow brook across the street from my childhood home.  I used to pick them for my mom.
I stitched these Forget Me Nots in memory of my dad. This tiny blue flower is the floral emblem of the Alzheimer Society.
Surface embroidery using Colonial Knots, Back Stitch, Stem Stitch, a touch of paint, and Satin Stitch on the leaves.





Surface embroidery using French Knots, Back Stitch, Stem Stitch, and beads.